Kingsblade: Sarah’s Mostly Insane Novel-ish Endeavor

26 Jul

“The Darkness cannot stand against the servants of Light.” A realm, not completely… unlike our own, stands on the precipice of Darkness — it’s legends carried by a preacher who seeks out and guides the heirs to the throne of Aérlas. It is the Third Age and the heir apparent has been missing for many years. The preacher knows, however, she is quite alive, but fears that she has forgotten her purpose — she alone can stand against the Darkness as Elindr’s champion and redeem their realm. For it is not only the servants of the Light who seek her allegiance; the shadows have already found her. Pervez, the voice of the darkness itself, stretches out his hand to take the last standing kingdom of Aérlas, Atlan, where the heir to the throne remains hidden and undiscovered by her people. As she, Leyrl Karanor, struggles to understand her enemy and her importance, the dark legions align with but one purpose — to annihilate the her and consume the land in an unending hell. Can Leyrl learn to trust Elindr and accept her destiny as his champion or has Pervez already turned her heart against the King of the Kingdom Above?”

Kingsblade Cover
Sarah’s current cover for her WIP, Kingsblade

Gather ’round, children (and not-so-much-children) of all ages to hear the tale of the insane one who is called Sarah and her new novel, Kingsblade. You heard me right. I’m writing a novel. Y’know.. with pages and chapters and such. The thingy you read above here? That’s the synopsis. And that thingy to the left? That’s the cover I made for it.  Yeah, you could say that after writing 11 chapters (several of them many times over) and 30,000+ words, I’m pretty invested in said idea.

With 30 outlined chapters and a goal of 75,000 words by completion, you could say it’s a good thing I’m not sane. The goal at the beginning of the summer was to be done writing the book itself by the end of said summer vacation. But with the days of golden freedom winding down and still only being 1/3 of the way through with the novel itself, that goal is looking pretty dim.

But, aside from my over-zealous goals, what exactly is my aim with this novel? What am I doing that will make it interesting and worth the read? What am I going to do once I finish? Self-publish or traditional?

A lot of things are still up in the air, but I am faithful that God will provide when the time comes for me to think about publishing. My real hope is that Kingsblade can be a wake-up call to people in our nation. Much as the fictitious land of Altan, the home of the Kotkaas warriors and heroine Leyrl, America is slipping into an age of darkness. If we don’t force ourselves to wake up and confront the darkness, Satan, or, as he is named in Kingsblade, Pervez, will destroy us. Permanently. Even though it is fantasy, I hope to project a number of messages against gay-marriage and abortion as the novel progresses to make a statement about my faith regardless of how the world may view it.

It is my hope to pursue a Christian publishing company my friend was recently published by called Tate Publishing. However, with school breathing perilously down on my neck, I don’t know how quickly I will be getting to my goal.

It’s a long road to get there, but it’s the King’s Road, and He does not lead His servants astray.


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