Sneak Peek: CHOSEN, an Upcoming Novel from Sarah

26 Jul

“The tests are about to get much harder.” Imagine a future in a morally twisted nation, there are few who do not wear masks. Fewer who understand the masks they wear. The year is 2024. The U.S. has declared a state of emergency as the economy begins to collapse in on itself. Everyone is on edge and thousands seek shelter in other countries. Those who stay are beginning to realize that America is changing. Changing in ways they cannot see. When young people begin to speak of a revolution and the rise of a new world empire, confusion is swift in coming. But there are many of them. Hundreds. They call themselves the CHOSEN… and the CHOSEN do as they are told.

The year is 2023. Avis Critchlow has been flung into a world she wishes she knew nothing about. But when she is accepted into the CHOSEN program by a official, government document her parents leap at the opportunity to give their daughter a chance at a better life as a deep sense of foreboding closes over the America people. When she arrives, however, it becomes obvious this isn’t the internship at the capitol the letter spoke of. Nothing is what it seemed.

Avis has 60 days to escape.

60 days to find out why she was accepted in the first place.

And 60 days to save America before the procedure — a horrifying, high tech operation all initiates undergo in which your free-will and memories are forcibly removed and replaced.

But she is not alone. Each of the last group of initiates were chosen for a specific reason. Christ. Her initiate mentor, Leo Kockre, has been working alongside a number of other double-agents within the CHOSEN program who each somehow survived the procedure. Among them, agents Kirl Liefson and Marin Deerny, along with her fellow initiates: Solstice Cranny, Amerinda Deboux, Sib Mason and Alix Bekel.

“We only have 60 days to prepare you for the procedure,” Leo said through her thick Mandarin accent. “Don’t expect this to be easy.”

Kirl smiled, “We are working at saving the world here.”


Sarah’s current cover for her new novel idea, CHOSEN

Yep. You guessed it. I’m slightly more insane than in the last post I made. This particular idea has been swirling around for quite a while. I’m actually combining two ideas with this by using some ideas from a book I was going to call Pledge about a girl who had to save the world from impending doom. But then, I was like “Heck, if we’re going to be saving the world, let’s throw in some secret agent stuff… and some high tech jaw-droppers… and, well. The possibility of loosing your memories. Forever.

Fun times in the city, eh?

Fun fact: I actually had this pop into my head after watching The Avengers for the first time.

I have no idea when I’ll actually go anywhere with this. I’ve still got a number of kinks to work out an outline to create, but the idea is there. But, then, that’s not really much of a comfort since the idea for Kingsblade was there for… oh I don’t know… a year? before I actually started working on it.

And although things are bound to change about this plot, you can count on one thing — there’s going to be a lot of intrigue and a lot of madness before it’s all over. (Particularly the madness part.) So, I’m off. And that little synopsis? Way back up there? Yeah, that’s probably going to be all you hear from me for a while… YES! It’s a teaser post! No, I’m not going to tell you anything else.

Unless of course you comment and tell me to… I might have a hypothetical prologue written.


It’s a long road — but’s the King’s Road and He does not allow His servants to go astray!


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