ANOTHER ONE? Sarah, please consider the possible ramifications of this–

15 Aug

decision!” wailed the high-pitched voice of my conscience. “You must be insane! This is the fourth project you’ve talked about and… HMMRGHHHPHHHH.”

There! Now I can think. You guessed it, I have yet another novel idea that I am going to work on. Check it out!

And I Will Never Be the Same

Current cover for Sarah’s new WIP, And I Will Never Be the Same

“”What if I challenged you to make every day matter? What if I told you you had… missed the opportunity to change someone’s life? How much would you change?” Two worlds, separated by the very fabric of the universe, become merged through a keen mind and a love for imagination. First-person. Third-person. An author. An agent. Could there, perhaps, be a connection between the two? Or is one doomed to live in the recesses of the imagination forever? The line between reality and fiction, once a gaping chasm, begins to blur.”

Short synopsis is short, I know! I shall be elaborating upon it later on when I have a better idea of exactly what it’s going to look like as far as length, target audience and finish date. The title? And I Will Never Be the Same. Shifting gears from more traditional novels (i.e. Sarah is procrastinating on Kingsblade), And I Will Never Be the Same will be a project I will work on over the course of the school year.

Currently, it is going to be my own life story for a year. One post every single day (about 1,000 words) and then a subsequent chapter about a “glorified” version of myself that I pretend actually exists and her journeys. Some things I am really wanting to do with it is shine some light on the connection between author and character by talking about the work as it is being written. I won’t give away too many details because of spoilers, but I think it will turn out interesting… hopefully, anyway. Otherwise, it might just sit and collect virtual dust on my computer hard drive.

You can check out the first two chapters here. Figment will become the dumping ground for said novel-ish endeavors.

The coming school year is going to be a long one. But, it’s the King’s Road, and He does not lead his followers astray!


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