Wayne Thomas Batson’s GHOST — Book Review

15 Aug

I’ll admit it. I’m very tempted to put the little “This review does not necessarily represent the feelings of the whole EEB Team and we claim no official relation to Sarah Spradlin and her somewhat sporadic book reviews” at the beginning of this. I’m not going to though. Mainly because that would be beating around the bush and nobody ever does that. Particularly me.

Some of you will catch my lie there. Some of you will just brush own by. And others of you are grumbling and muttering whilst you read this thinking “GET ON WITH IT!” I shall listen to the latter of the three groups since they have mean looking pitchforks and murder in their eyes…


Cover of Wayne Thomas Baton’s debuting e-book “GHOST”

“Protector and punisher…

Hunter and hunted…

Down-to-earth and otherworldly…

John Spector, aka GHOST, isn’t your ordinary investigator.

He carries a shiny badge, a billfold ID, and a mysterious silver suitcase. His mission? Seek the forgotten ones, the abandoned ones, the ones no one else can or will help. Visit blunt force trauma upon the world’s blackest souls and deny the devil his day by any means necessary. And never stop. Never.

For more than a decade, the “Smiling Jack” killer has been posting photos of his victims on the Web, daring anyone to catch him, daring anyone to care. But when no missing person files match and no victims are ever found, the FBI closes the case.

Years later, a digital camera washes up on shore, and GHOST finds it. Each macabre photo becomes a clue that will lead GHOST and FBI Special Agent Deanna Rezvani on the trail of one of the most diabolical killers of this world…or beyond.

“No one gets away with murder. Not for long.””

He-he. Some of you are thinking, “Wow! Sarah’s really lost her marbles… a thriller? Like the… you know, scare-the-business-right-outta-ya kind of thrillers.” Nope. Actually I have a funny story. Y’see, Mr. Batson is the whole entire reason I even got into Christian allegories. Yep, you’re right. Leyrl and Mallark wouldn’t have existed without the inspiration from his own allegorical series, The Door Within.

All this being said to tell you that this book. The one in the picture? Yes, well… it’s amazing. And I don’t say that about every book I read. I mean, it’s in the big leagues in my mind. Lord of the Rings and Chronicles of Narnia big leagues. My review goes a little something like this:

So, if I were to tell you the long, drawn out story about how I decided the read GHOST even though a) I might be a year under the guidelines for ages, b) thrillers aren’t really things that I usually enjoy reading, and c) I end up with nightmares easily, it would take a long while. Logically, I should have listened to myself and decided it might be better for my future sanity not to read it. (Not that I have any, but for the sake of a somewhat “followable” explanation)

Looking back, I’m so pleased I ignored said logic that I could be giddy. Mr. Batson not only kept me up until 11:04 PM last night reading the marvelous conclusion to GHOST, but also wrote a story so drop-dead… well, thrilling that I almost wet my pants a few times. And that’s not even the worst of it! I stayed up the night before reading the climax until 12 AM and the night before that until 1-2 (can’t remember exactly) reading it. On all occasions I was either too exhausted to read (i.e. my eyes would not focus on the screen of my Kindle) or finished.

And when I finished… well, I could scarcely breathe… I would tell you but SPOILERS!!! Needless to say, I will be stalking Mr. Batson’s blog until the next one comes.

This is truly a must read for all adventure takers… the way that Batson approached not only Pro-Life arguments (huzzah for Pro-Lifers!) and SPIRITUAL WARFARE for crying out loud… fantastic.

And then, of course, he made it better. As you will find as you read, there is a certain website mentioned about half-way through the book. And, Mr. Batson, being the amazing author that he is, actually went through the lengths to make the website real. As in, I can click on the link and I get an actual website. That’s… that’s just right out over-achievishly amazing right there.

So, as I said — long story being short, GHOST was a jaw-dropping, wet-your-pants, thrilling (see what I did there?), exhilarating adventure and I regret nothing!

And I truly regret nothing! As an author, this gave me some fantastic incites into the minds of the bad guys and some marvelous food-for-though along the lines of spiritual warfare, something that Kingsblade is heavily centered around. So give it a try! My only warning is that the book is targeted for adult readers and if you are easily disturbed by dark spirits and soulcleavers, this might not be a good idea. Particularly for those of us in AP Classes and get precious little sleep anyway.

Regardless, it is a book worthy of much praise and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is willing to take the chance at allowing a few Fallen Angels and murders to crawl around in their heads for a little while.


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