New Story Idea! (Discrimination in the U.S. in the 1800s)

21 Aug

Sarah, I think your new creative ideas are contagious. 🙂 Today while I was reading my history book I came up with a novel idea. Second day of school and inspiration has already hit. Here is my idea so far, but it will probably be revised, as usual. My story ideas tend to brew a while before I write them. That way, it gives some time to shape itself inside my mind.

Inspiration: “( On Ethnocentrism). When Catholic immigrants from Ireland and Europe came to largely Protestant America in the early 1800’s, many Protestant Americans were suspicious of them and prejudiced against them simply because they were different and had different beliefs.” – Exploring World History by Notgrass Company.

Idea: A young Catholic couple from Ireland come to America during the Great Potato Famine in the 1840’s or 1850’s. They experience great prejudice in New England and quickly tire of the cities. They used to be farmers and wish to return to the country. They move to the South and the woman becomes pregnant with their first child. After some advice from the neighbors, they lose faith that they will be able to manage the fields by themselves and buy slaves. This continues for a while and then the woman loses her baby. The harvest looks like it will be good, but a slave accidentally starts a fire in a cabin and it burns most of the fields. The slave driver starts to whip the woman who started the fire when she suddenly cries out that her child died in the fire and she is begging for mercy. At that point, the Irish woman’s heart stirs and she realizes that they have an important thing in common. For the first time, she really sees that the slave is just another person and that she has used the same prejudice that was shown to her in the North. They become friends and eventually Abolitionists.


*Unless sudden inspiration hits me beforehand, I will probably start to write about this in about eight weeks. I want to work some more on a book called Masquerades and Musketeers: A New World. It is the sequel to Masquerades and Musketeers. Oh yes. I remember now. I did not tell y’all about this idea. Well, I might keep it secret. *smirks devilishly*. Quoting Christine and Raoul from “Phantom of the Opera” …”You will understand in time.” I just heard that and I could not help but writing it down. Listening to “Masquerades/ Why so Silent” and mouthing the words. Yes, I am ridiculously addicting to that soundtrack! Shout out to “Phantom of the Opera.” 🙂


One Response to “New Story Idea! (Discrimination in the U.S. in the 1800s)”

  1. Sarah Spradlin August 21, 2013 at 4:52 PM #

    *grins* Glad to know my ideas are contagious xD This sounds really interesting! I think you could definitely develop it into something big and quite good! Keep on the King’s Road!!


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