And So The Story of My Life — Preview of Sarah’s New Novel

23 Aug

Chapter 1: If Summer Were Longer

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


It seems like an exceedingly normal word. Today, I will do this. Today, I will do that. And, yet, I realize that at one point, today may seem like a very important word. I got married today. I had my first kid today. My first book was published today. Or maybe even things like, my mother died today. My husband enlisted today. I was told I have cancer today. None of these are true — but, they aren’t until the day that they happen. Every single day has a lesson… every single day has a purpose.

And if we don’t think about life like that way? We become creatures who get up only to get up and go to bed only to go to bed. Empty. Shallow. What can I learn from every day? What can I take away from each and every moment?

Is it like music? When you see everything for the first time in such crystal clear quality that every other day pales in comparison? Or, perhaps, like the hunt for information? Waiting for the answer to a question? Some days are better than others. Some days inspire me, while others… others don’t.

And if I don’t make each and every day from now on count, what am I going to tell God when I die? Well, I did some things here and there… nothing really important, though.

What if today, I brought someone to Christ? What if today, I showed someone the love of God? What if today, I was able to stop someone from committing suicide? What if today I made a difference?

What if I went to Middle Earth–


But, onto my reasons for starting this thing today. Yes, the thing which you are currently digesting mentally (and possibly reading in a voice you imagined that is very different that my actual one). To be honest, I have no particular reason. Perhaps, in the future, I will look back, smile and give you a long winded explanation as to why on earth any self-respecting teenager would, on the next-to-last day before school starts back, begin writing a tale about… well, normal things. You should learn now that I pride myself in my strangeness.

Ex. — I haven’t had a boyfriend. Ever.

And I’m pretty happy about that.

I’m going to be a Junior in High School this year. Yes, yes — I can hear the sniggers of you adults as you read this. “Big deal! A whopping, what, 16 years old? Boy! You’re getting on up there, aren’t you.” I’m not even 16 yet.

Funny story. First and second grade? I was homeschooled. And I did both grades in one year. You remember first and second grade, right? All the coloring, bubbling and such? Yes, it was a good year. But that makes for interesting conversation now that I’m a year younger than everyone else in my entire class.

Which is why the fact that two years from today, I’ll be leaving grade school and starting life in the real world. Without the people I’ve gotten to know over the by then 5 years in Public School. Without the umbrella of “kid” sheltering me from the world.

It’s a pretty scary thought.

Okay, I lied. It’s a very scary thought. I mean, sure I’ll have college to postpone it. But, after High School you’re an adult… you’re regarded by the world as a someone and not just a meddling kid. So what am I going to do between now and then to get ready for that? What am I going to do with these last two years of my childhood?

Probably spend them doing normal stuff like… well, writing books. Taking AP classes. Doing FFA-ish stuff. Asking lots of questions. Reading books. Editing for the school newspaper. Trying to maintain my Valedictorian status for one more year… Bleh, I can’t describe my life very easily in a nutshell.

Which I guess is exciting, because that perhaps means that I’m not a flat character?

And then, I don’t want to forget any of this. I want to savor every moment so that I can recall it in vivid detail whenever I need too. It really amazes me how much I change from year to year. So, why not record it. Why not write what happens every day? And if it gets boring, write glorified chapters about vests that allow you to teleport and magical Christian curls that allow me to travel through time?

I really, truly do not know if my story will ever be one that is worth calling an “adventure.” I really, truly don’t know if anything really exciting will happen over the course of the next year. But God can do some pretty amazing things, and I’m confident He has big things in store for me.

Because, if there’s one thing I am sure about, it’s that I will never be the same.

On the Same Day…

She was, in a sense, looking forward to school. Her vest needed to be taken out of storage and her things secured. But, as she had in the past years, she knew things would occur beyond her control.

Such as the annoying-one’s moving away. Her hair had never much liked the annoying one much, but the more she thought about it, the more she realized that she would miss the constant buzz of Brit’s voice in and out of her mind in a whirlwind of chaos.

Her name? Well, as far as she knew, she didn’t have one. She generally just answered to whatever name was on the role. School was indeed a very strange thing, she had decided. For the sake of discussion and blending in, thankfully her Higher-Ups had given her a relatively common name to answer to — Sarah.

Yes, she could build an identity very easily around that name. Perhaps too good an identity. She got criticism from her Higher-Ups often that she made herself all too well known. But, perhaps, that was the best kept secret. Someone so out there would generate fewer questions than someone who just watched and took notes all the time. “Sarah” was, in fact, a completely different being from a completely alien realm to Earth. Unfortunately, she didn’t know the name of it either.

Perhaps, where she hailed from, names were not so important? All she knew for sure was she had a quest on Earth and God was depending on her to do things correctly. Ah, now she remembered it, murmuring a thanks to the Almighty One. But she dare not think it for too long. The Enemy was always listening.

Ezyrthri. E-zee-THREE… She savored the taste of the name in her mouth for a long moment before pushing it to the back of her mind. Ezythri worked, currently, for the CIA as a student agent. It wasn’t a difficult job and she did what they told her. Most of the time. She always answered to God first, in any case.

Her vest was most important, though, and so she resolved to go did it out of her troves of things. It was exactly where she had last placed it, surprisingly enough. Things such as these had a tendency to run off and make themselves scarce as soon as she went to find them.

She took in a long breath and slipped into the very worn, almost ratty looking vest. It was gray and she always wore it inside out. There were numerous pockets and pouches to keep other things confined in. Her foster mother often tried to buy her new ones, but the others couldn’t do what this vest did.

No, Ezythri thought with a wry smile, nothing made on Earth is going to be quite like this vest. Her vest, in fact, allowed her to do a great many things. One of them being time-travel. The other teleportation. It also curiously kept her warm throughout all seasons. Ezythri didn’t quite know why this was the case, but she had never thought to bring it up when she talked to her Master. No, it never quite seemed appropriate.

A long sigh whispered across her lips as she closed her eyes and imagined what this school year would bring. She wondered who God would ask her to be a witness to… she wondered a great number of things, in actuality.

Though, there was one question that continued coming back again and again:

Would she be discovered?

Thursday, August 15, 2013

There has been much flailing to take place today. Mostly because SCHOOL and TOMORROW.

There were other things, obviously. Things like I saw my 8th grade Math Teacher for the first time in three years today. It was amazing. And nostalgia! Of course, I saw all my other teachers for the first time in a year, too. It is easily surmised that I did not stay near to my little sister while she went to her classes at all.

No, there was, indeed, too much flailing and nostalgia to be done. But, this is, in fact, the latter half of my day. It truly began this morning, quite normally, when I awoke to the thought of: “I’m going to be a Junior in High School this time tomorrow.” Junior.

If it didn’t seem real yesterday, it’s pure fantasy today. It’s impossible, really. Maybe it’s just one of those really strange dreams in which you imagine yourself older than you actually are. But then, no, it can’t be.

Something strange would have happened by now. Something very strange and not realistically possible.

It never ceases to surprise me that my teachers always remember me… I had been in the Math Teacher’s class for four weeks before I moved into Gifted classes, and yet, she still remembered me. Each and every one of my teachers always ask me what I’m doing, what I’m planning to do. I wonder what it will be like if I come and drive by after I graduate. I would do it in a heartbeat.


SOURCE: PINTEREST II Provided Link:; lacks author name.

The morning proceeded as normal. My mom and I talked about growing up and other sorts of normal pre-school discussions in which everyone is holding on with teeth and claws to the summer moments. After I finish recording this, I will probably go outside to spend my last few moments of freedom on the porch. It only barely reached 75 degrees today… 75. In Georgia. In August. A strange occurrence, most assuredly.

Today, I also had the pleasure of swapping e-mails with one of my favorite authors, Wayne Thomas Batson. I smile thinking about it because I had sent him a review of his book, GHOST, along with the first of the Bernifel Prophecies and he asked me to post the GHOST one on Amazon.

Which I did.

And then I posted it on Good Reads and my blog which I write with my co-author, Brooke Norris, and all other members of the EEB (Elizabeth E. Brookes) Team.  Although, for the moment, it is only the two of us… possibly new members. I am not sure. We are still evaluating the one in consideration right now.

But, the most exciting thing of the exchange was that Mr. Batson followed our blog! I was quite giddy for an extended period of time.

You know, I wonder a lot if I will ever be on the delivering end of that spectrum. If I’ll be someone’s favorite author someday… That would be pretty great. I want to be the sort of author that strikes up conversation with her readers. I want to be able to go from bookstore to bookstore and sign random copies of my books and put little messages to the readers in them. Just to do it.

I’m sure that’s against author protocol somewhere, but I would do it anyway.

Yes, looking back and remembering past school years can bring up a lot of happy and sad memories. I wonder what kinds I’ll make on the first day tomorrow. I wonder if I’ll meet anyone new. I wonder which teacher will immediately become my favorite. I have so many questions already and again and again I am confronted by the thought of “I will never be the same.”


Not after tomorrow.

Not even after the day after that.

And that makes me wonder, what did I do today that made today count? What can I do tomorrow that will make tomorrow count?

What does God want me to do with tomorrow?

On the Same Day…

Open House was always a curiosity to Ezythri. Her teachers already knew her for the most part and she would meet them the next day regardless of her presence at the meet-and-greet shuffle through. I shook hands, smiling and playing the part of the student whose name was Sarah.

Ezythri wondered if the FBI had killed her or if she was locked up somewhere… or perhaps they had sent her back to where she had lived before this? The place that she could not remember. Ezythri always thought it strange that things always seemed to root back to her vest– the very first memory she had was of that vest.

Her vest. It was her very identity, in a sense. A very secure thought when she was afraid. Yes, it was to her vest that Ezythri’s thoughts always wandered when she needed guidance. After the One Above, of course. God. Such a simple name for such an amazing being, she had thought when she had first learned His name.

Why not something more complex? To match the intricate nature of Himself?

Humans were so simple minded, Ezythri had decided. And very dumb not to pick up on all these little subtleties that should raise red flags in their minds. No one ever asked much about her past. It wasn’t that she didn’t have a story worked up, but they never seemed to ask “Sarah” much about anything before 8th grade.

Which was indeed a very strange thing to Ezythri. And she began to wonder who exactly this “Sarah” was… and if she would be missed if it were discovered that Ezythri was not in fact who everyone thought her to be.

Then, she had another strange thought. She couldn’t quite recall any training from the CIA… sure, she had little moments of inspiration that popped into her head occasionally that she imagined were from the Most High… but, what, she wondered had put those thoughts there?

She didn’t know. Maybe it was some sort of training ruse. So top secret even the agents couldn’t know about it. Yes, Ezythri concluded that must be it and continued on her tour of the school, noting everything that could be used as a weapon and how easily accessible it would be during an emergency.

Normal things, she decided. Normal things that everyone did.

But, in her deepest of hearts, Ezythri felt that something was, in a very cataclysmic sense, wrong.

And it had to do with what she couldn’t remember.

August 16, 2013

Today philosophy is running away from me, packing its bags and grinning like the Cheshire cat as it does. Beating my head against the wall won’t even begin to express my overwhelmed state. At all. I can feel the weight of school already straining on my shoulders. Everything is so… different this year.

I wish I could close my eyes and go back to last year… or to Freshman year. But then, I remember being the exact same way last year about ninth grade. Perhaps things will not be so horrible? I know it will grow to be routine and I recall somewhat this feeling… not as keenly, though, as I feel it now. Not as keenly at all.

A wry smile is about the best I have to offer at the moment. Exhaustion seems to be nigh. There are so many new faces… or, rather faces that are familiar but not close. It is similar to going to a family reunion and meeting with all your second and third cousins — you know of them and a little bit about them, but not really so much being close to them. I do not know. It is hard to get past awkwardness and find my footing again. Maybe there are a great many companions and friends coming, though. I pray so as I write this.

Sometimes it’s just hard when things are so different and you, waiting for so long over the summer (and dreading things all the same) for the school year, somehow expect for everything to be the same. That magically your friends will all be going the same direction in life as you.

But that’s just not how things go. That’s simply not the way the world works. And as much as I wish I could change that, I can’t.

It was cold to start off the morning. And rainy, as well. My little sister woke me up at 6:30 A.M. with the sounds of tooth-brushing and lights being turned on in the bathroom. No matter how innocent the “Oh! Did I wake you up?” was, she still might pay for it later. Honestly, it was probably for the better. It wasn’t one of those days you were simply aching to get up.

I don’t know how many trees the high school killed in preparation for today, but it was at least a forest or two. Advisement was full of it. Most of the papers I will be throwing away. What I want to know is who needs insurance at school?

First period is AP Physics. Interesting. We did a scavenger hunt. I was the second one finished, but, then there are only seven people in the class. Seven. That’s it. And most of them are people whom I did not know well. Oh well, ’twill all be good in the end, I suppose.

Second period is Journalism. Simple. It is outside of the normal Journalism period which makes me sad since there are a number of Seniors I wish I could at least have one more class with. But with a stoic smile, I will bow my head, say my peace and let things be as they will. The sky isn’t falling and I’m not dead yet. Neither are they. I promise myself things will work out. I hope they do.

Third period and I’m in for AP Language. My teacher seems pretty engaging (and a bit insane). Calls everyone by their last name, too. Also interesting. A lot of familiar faces in there. Probably one of the only classes I really felt comfortable in. Although, it is writing and I tend to do alright in those sort of classes.

Fourth period is another AP class — AP U.S. History. Another interesting class. More familiar faces. Mostly just the guys that I’m friends with. Which means they tend to do their own male thing and females aren’t exactly smiled upon. So, another interesting class. Seems like it will be fun. And challenging.

Fifth was from one of my favorite teachers. We might have blown something up… I will say nothing more. The class itself is Agricultural Mechanics II (abbreviated by everyone as Ag Mech. II), but adherence to a particular topic or standard isn’t exactly the teacher’s main goal. I actually missed the last half of engines last year due to working on my science fair project, which is going on to national competition in a couple months.

I have third lunch this year. Made the mistake of eating a spicy chicken sandwich on my first day, too. My mouth and throat were burning for about an our. That made sixth period interesting. Found some new prospective friends in their. The former over-seer has left and now we have a different one. Which is frustrating just because I don’t know quite what to expect… and it didn’t help that by this point in the day I was calling Sophomores Freshman and Seniors Freshmen. Needless to say I was glad for the opportunity to shut up and sit in the glorious silence when we returned home.

Accelerated Math III goes without saying. We took a quiz filled with questions that required you not to over think things. I did alright. At least I ended up with one of my friends (who taught me Spanish for a long while Freshman year) in math with me.

The bell was a much asked for blessing when it did finally ring. I was out of my chair and flopped outside to wait for my mom in a heartbeat. I’m not ready for Monday. Not at all, really. But, this too shall pass.

And, again, I will survive. I mean, if today didn’t kill me, how bad can the rest of the year be?

In summation, the last 24 hours have been a blur. A really big blur. Junior? Yeah… that title means nothing. Other than the fact that we’ve done this 3 times instead of only one. Exciting stuff, really.

God help me not go completely insane… the world doesn’t need another psychopath running around.

On the Same Day…

Ezythri was more lost and confused than usual. As far as first days went, this one was good and bad. Something, she though, was missing. Something big. She wasn’t quite sure what it was. Maybe she should have worn her vest, but for some reason she hadn’t wanted to.

It had been cold enough today.

She was glad when the day was over. Just get it done. Just keep moving. There is little else that went through her mind. Just keep moving. Hopefully, her next assignment would be clear soon. She hoped it would be. High School was hard enough without something to keep her going.

There were a number of people she didn’t see around her anymore. Among them the Brit. That was unfortunate, she had decided. The Bego made many appearances throughout the day, but even her participation was limited.

Strange, Ezythri had thought, very strange indeed.

Sleep met her like a long forgotten friend that night. The nagging feeling of her lack of memory was reduced greatly. She prayed that night that her next mission would show itself soon.

She prayed that it would be successful.

And that, perhaps, she could be the Reaper for once instead of the Planter.

August 17, 2013

Silence. I wish so very much for silence. I started the day at 7:00 AM to get ready for a presentation to the watershed association of my area about my science fair project. It went well. Lots of questions. I would have been in so much over my head if my advisor had not been there to help. Truly, this is a strange world we live in.  I stayed after to attend the chemical training to become a certified Adopt-A-Stream volunteer. The test was harder than I had expected. I hope I passed it. It was raining the whole time. My board and other stuff got a bit wet, but that’s okay. Everything turned out for the best. I hope my advisor won’t mind the fact we used her testing kit since the trainer didn’t bring one… if she did, then it’ll just have to be okay. I may not tell her. Lord, that I could write something more coherent and flowery. I’m afraid I should save such things for Monday. Rode home with one of the volunteers. My mom wouldn’t pick up her phone and they didn’t want me to have to wait for my dad to get there alone. Left just after that to go eat dinner with friends we only see about once a year. Merry is certainly not as responsible when she is around other people. Finished off the day riding home. The rain almost lulled me to sleep. Rest did not visit me today. I doubt it will visit me tomorrow. There is altogether too much to do. God will be faithful, I know. I just wish it weren’t so hard these first few days.

On the Same Day…

I have nothing to say about this day other than the fact that I wore my vest but had no opportunity to use it. I wish I could have. Still no sign of my mission… no sign of anything really. I keep getting the feeling I’m in a dream and for some reason I can’t wake up. It is like I do not know myself at all…


And I Will Never Be the Same


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