She will be Mine- A Phantom of the Opera Fanfiction

23 Aug
Read on!

Read on!

She will be Mine

By Brooke Norris

I open the blinds to my one-room apartment, but could see no visible difference. My home is  in the basement of an apartment complex and I do not see the light of day often.

“The darkness is your style,” I mutter. “It matches your loneliness.”

Breakfast is in order and I get a bowl out of the cupboard. I am walking over to the pantry to get some cereal when I see some paper poking through the door. I stoop to pick it up and see that the newspaper has already come. I have no internet, no TV, or close friends, so this is mainly how I see the outside world. In black and white text. Satisfied, I pour myself some milk and start eating my cereal while I read. Sports have never had any interest to me and I want to read the headlines later, so I skim by to the entertainment section. I gasp and drop my spoon in surprise, sloshing milk all over my shirt.

“World famous Christy Dante will perform at the Opera House Saturday, October 21.”

“So this is what happened,” I mutter. “She made it big and left me behind. Well, ungrateful girl. She never even thanked me.”

When we were still in high school, I taught Christy how to sing. I gave her lessons every day after sixth period. When the summer after our Junior year came, she announced that she was going on a trip. She never came back. Not a living hour goes by that I do not think about Christy. I want to see her again, to tell her how much I love her and to ask her about my music. My music. I glance over to my keyboard in the corner of the room and sigh. For years I have wanted to quit my nighttime job at Walmart and become a professional musician. When I was still in school, I wrote so many songs, hoping that Christy would sing them for me. Maybe she would if I ask. I decide I will go to the opera, so I continue reading the article.

“This play will be directed by Ralph Amerillo.”

I groan in disgust and slam my fist on top of his name. Why does Ralph have to be there? He was my rival in school and always flaunted it over my head that he was better than me, not to mention better looking.

“Well, Ralph will never know I am there. I will not say a word,” I say, getting up from the breakfast table. I storm over to the closet and pull out a dark black hood.

“I will wear this to the opera house. That way he will not have an opportunity to hurt me again.”


I lean forward in my seat. Could that be Christy with that beautiful voice and gorgeous curly hair? Yes. It was. Her voice was like an angel and it soared and echoed through the halls. The chandelier cast a bright glow on her face, her smile even more radiant than I can remember. I finger the rose I bought on the way here, eager to give it to her. I had tied it with a black ribbon and a short message.

“Christy, do you remember me? I was your teacher, my dear angel of music. I wish to talk to you again, if you will.”

I had already memorized this short letter and I felt my heart begin to beat faster with every note she is singing. Throughout the whole opera, I am mesmerized, enchanted. I can just imagine her with me, singing my music. I smile. She will be perfect. When the orchestra finally ends, I jump in surprise. The whole thing had seemed like five minutes. I creep from my seat after the curtain call and weave through the crowd of people. Like a phantom with my black jacket, I come unnoticed to backstage.

“Christy,” I call, summoning my courage. I turn the corner, and then I see her, but she does not see me. Ralph is there, too, and he is kissing Christy. She looks so happy, so content with him. I feel my stomach lurch and my grip on the rose tightens to strangling position. I take a step back into the shadows and watch them for a minute.

“You were splendid,” Ralph says, caressing her face.

“Thank you, Ralph,” she replies. I put my hand in front of my eye, align it with Raoul’s neck and with a grimace, I wring it. He is holding my only promise in life, my prize, my glory. Insolent boy! Slave of fashion! He does not even know her. I hold my breath as they walk past me. Christy’s long, flowing dress pushes my leg and she is so close I could touch her. I refrain. Now is not the right time. I drop the rose in the corner and leave as quickly as I can. Christy will be mine, just not yet.


One Response to “She will be Mine- A Phantom of the Opera Fanfiction”

  1. brookenicolenorris August 23, 2013 at 3:53 PM #

    Yeah. I know. You are probably, like, AGAIN?! Does Brooke have anything better to do than to write and talk/rant about “The Phantom of the Opera.” Well, the answer is yes, I just don’t want to at the moment. 🙂 I promise, I will get back on “Masquerades and Musketeers” soon. This story is the result of listening to “The Phantom of the Opera” on grooveshark for several hours a week. I got inspired after a restless night and wrote this all in one sitting. I hope you enjoy it. *bows politely.*

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