Announcing, From the North, Our Newest EEB Team Member

16 Oct

Brenna Hay has been scrutinized, studied and tested over the past few months and we (mostly me, Sarah, because I just do things like this) have deemed her worthy of membership in the team! Since I met her, Brenna has shown a willing heart even from the beginning when she asked, quite literally, if she could “be my Sam.” Ever since then, I have continued to be impressed by her patience, willingness to work as a team, and ability to convey her ideas and the love of God through her writing (even if she doesn’t mean to). Even if she is a northerner, she certainly has the hospitality of a good ol’ southern cook and I look forward to getting to know her even better! Fly forth and conquer the nations for Christ, Brenna! It may be a long road, but it’s the King’s road and He does no lead his followers astray.

Watch as I use my new admin-ship to reject your reality and replace it with my own! Brenna is the one in the Perry the Platypus hat.

(I have rejected your reality picture and replaced it with my own! -Brenna)

Oh, it’s going to be good. Warning: we tend to prank one another a lot.


One Response to “Announcing, From the North, Our Newest EEB Team Member”

  1. theelusivebrenna October 18, 2013 at 12:41 AM #

    Really? You had to use that picture? Oh well. At least I look dignified.

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