And here it is… “Irish Hearts Never Lie.”

10 Jan

I finally found a good cover for my new novel, thanks to “Behind Sapphire Eyes” on figment ( and so I decided to finally post an official announcement for my new, 52,000 word novel.

  After Mercedes’ father dies, she goes to their summer house in North Carolina to spend a couple months reminiscing before her aunt and uncle, the rightful heirs, are going to sell it. Mercedes, a poetic dreamer of seventeen years of age, looks forward to reliving old times at the estate by riding her horse Floretta, who has been her life-long companion. However,  when even more bumpy changes come, Mercedes has no time to prepare herself. When she wakes up one night hearing a familiar, yet unrecognizable, soprano voice singing, she decides that this place must have deeper roots than she realized. Haunted by these unexplained stories of her past, she finds the keys to her future in the new stable boy named Russell.

In 1920, times are changing to fit a modern world and is Mercedes’ is no longer a child, but she discovers that sometimes the future can be found in the past.

Note: if this book is ever published, the cover will be modified again for copyright purposes.

Click on the cover to read the first few chapters on!


2 Responses to “And here it is… “Irish Hearts Never Lie.””

  1. Sarah Spradlin January 10, 2014 at 7:07 PM #

    Huzzahs! I’ve read the first little bit and I’m really enjoying it 😉 Keep it up, B!


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