Snow in the South

29 Jan

Sarah’s porch near Athens, Georgia


Sarah’s back drive near Athens, Georgia

Finally, after all the prayers and all the hoping, we’ve gotten snow. Brenna, keep your gloating Notherness out of this. We’ve had a great day playing in the snow on our day off from school here in Georgia, and just received news that we will be off tomorrow as well. After a day full of placing in the snow, I’m ready to curl up with This Present Darkness and drink another cup of hot cocoa. Our prayers do go out to all those who have been stranded or stuck in Atlanta or on the highways. Some kids were stuck at their schools over night! The tales of adventure keep rolling in, and I am certainly glad to be here at my house, out of the cold.

Stay safe and at home, Georgians, and keep warm!



One Response to “Snow in the South”

  1. Victoria January 30, 2014 at 12:07 AM #

    Haha! So not fair, we only got half an inch! My sister got 3 inches! I wanted to see some real snow, not pixie dust XD Glad to see you all had such a great day though! 😀

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