LifeUpdate: The Best-Worst Week Ever Had By Sarah

30 Mar

In the past week I have learned quite a few things: one, getting on your knees and praying when you don’t know what to do is the best thing to do, two, I am a high-functioning sociopath when I am extremely stressed out, three, stress-delirium is extremely entertaining onlookers, four, I am more nervous competing against Hayden Bailey than I am at national competitions, and five, God ordains our steps.

On Saturday of last week, I made history with the Madison County High School FFA Senior Parliamentary Procedure team. We competed and made it to the “final four” of Parliamentary Procedure State competition to take place in May. First parli pro senior team in Madison County history to make it to the final four.

Following that, things started to go south on Sunday. I ran out of materials for testing Nitrate-Nitrogen. This was crucial to my science fair project, which was of course due on Tuesday. After a momentary half-way break down, I made it through Sunday, but only with much prayer. I knew I was going to be going up against one of the smartest, experienced kids at my school: Hayden Bailey for a chance to compete at state with the science fair.

Monday, I hit the bottom of the barrel. Stress load was getting way on up there, and on the way back upstairs to work on science fair stuff, I dropped my computer a collective distance of about 10 feet which eventually ended with a busted up left edge, cracked screen, and accompanying tearfest.

Tuesday, I left my science fair USB drive at home, but still had to put together most of my board by 4:00 as well as produce my MIA lab report. Needless to say, I was talking to inanimate objects and saying things would die by the swords of a thousand men for the better part of the day. My mom wasn’t home, and I didn’t end up getting the flash drive until about 10 minutes before the fair. Everything was stacking up against me, but as I prayed, things came together. It’s not a day I will soon forget.

Wednesday, after being unable to eat breakfast and feeling like throwing up all morning, I was told I have beaten Hayden. I was going to go to area/state competition.

Thursday, I got news that I had gotten a 1920 on the SAT: enough to get into the college I wanted to.

And Friday, I found out I had made it into GHP — a program only .05% of Georgia’s Sophomores and Juniors are accepted into. I couldn’t have been more happy. All the things that had come against me, and I had been given good news. I am sure that without God, I would not have made it through the week. No way.

But that’s the great thing about God: He ordains our steps.

If I were to be only sure of one thing, it is that God is in control. Sometimes the world spontaneously explodes, and as believers and authors, we just have to take it our stride and… well, act a little crazy to get it all done.


Keep soldiering on,



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