So, Today, A THING Happened.

23 May

I just had one of the scariest moments of my life.

It started out very ordinarily.

I came home after school, bringing with me an art project that had come back to be finally from the depths of being displayed in the library. I set my backpack and the project in my bedroom, and went down to the living room to hang out with my sister Marin and my dad. They had a theological discussion and I listened in, just enjoying being with them since I wasn’t feeling all that well.

After a little while, I drove my dad to a Girl Scout thingy my youngest sister was involved with. Then I took Marin out to dinner at Subway, but didn’t get anything myself since I was feeling even more off than before. We got home, and I sat down in the living room again, on the couch, and thought, Wow, the last time I felt this wrong I seriously needed to pray for someone. And so I casted about in my head, testing all the names that came to mind. No one. Marin took her sandwich down to the basement to watch tv. I didn’t move.

I felt so wrong and so nervous. The dog, laying in the chair he has claimed as his own, looked at me directly and sort of complained at me. He doesn’t normally do this. I got a little more nervous. “Are you feeling wrong, too, boy?” I asked, moving to sit on the floor with my back against his chair. He kept making little sounds at me, and I just tried to laugh it off. Sometimes he’s a little vocal, probably wasn’t anything.

Suddenly he got off the chair and went down to the basement. I felt unexpectedly abandoned and exposed. I glanced over to the stairs, toward my room, thinking I could go there and WHAM: there was no way I was going up there. There was someone in my room. If I went in there, I was going to get hurt.

I couldn’t move. I sat there in the living room, my back pressed against this chair, unable to do anything but panic. I was so terrified. Someone’s in the house. Someone’s in the house. My subconscious kept up this mantra as I managed to get out a few whispered rebukes toward demons. I glanced to my right. My dad’s Bible was three feet from my foot. I lunged forward and grabbed it, scrambling back into position. I absolutely could not expose my back to the room. If I did, something was going to get me.

I had my phone on me, and started texting Sarah. She started praying for me; I searched for passages about authority over spirits in the Bible. I also turned on my Christian music station on Pandora and turned it up as far as it could go, continually glancing up the hall to where I could see the outline of my doorframe. Every glance was a stab of terror. I could not go up there. I couldn’t.

I couldn’t even move. I sat there for an hour and a half or more, singing along in a whispery voice to the songs and hunched over the Bible, praying and stock-still with terror, my back pressed uncomfortably against the chair. Marin came up from the basement eventually to use the bathroom. She went upstairs, up toward my room, the place where I could not go, in the direction of the bathroom. She came back fine; I, and the dog, seemed to be the only one affected by this whatever it was. Marin looked at me and asked if I was okay. I was not okay.

“Well, what’s wrong?” She asked.

“I’m scared to go up to my room,” I said derisively, trying to hide just how terror-stricken I was.

“Do want me to get you anything from in there? Do you want me to go with you?”

“No. Nope. Not going up there.”

“All right,” she said, probably slightly annoyed with my shortness. “Let me know if you want me to get you anything or whatever.” She returned to the basement.

I sat there and shuddered, listening to music until my parents came home. I felt a little safer when they arrived, but there was no way I was going up to my room still. We talked about a recent issue I’d had with my Visa card from the bank, me sitting on the third of the six steps leading upstairs, toward my room. I pressed my shoulder into the wall, practically shaking.

“Brenna, what’s wrong?” My mom finally demanded.

“I cannot go up to my room,” I said in a slightly teary voice, I am not ashamed to admit. “I can’t go up there.” “I am so scared and I don’t know why. I cannot go up there.”

My mom sat down and looked at me with that fierce and frightened expression that moms get when they’re terrified for you and also willing to take on the Kraken to protect you. “What’s in your room, Brenna?” I didn’t understand. “What new thing did you bring home today?”

I thought for a second and stammered out, “I-I don’t know…”

“Your art project, Brenna,” Marin interjected. “It was your art project.”

I went hot and cold. I moved into the living room again, toward my mom. “I did, I brought my art project home. It’s a representation of the battle between good and evil, and it’s partly broken, in a way that only could have happened if it were dropped or someone deliberately damaged it.” I knelt shakily next to my mom. I started explaining the situation to her, starting at when Marin and I came back from Subway. “I sat there against that chair–” I pointed to the dog’s chair “–for an hour and a half. I could hardly move, I couldn’t expose my back to the room…”

She looked at me, almost angry, and said in a loud voice, “In the name and the power of the blood, evil spirits get out of the house, out of Brenna’s room, out of her heart and mind, by Jesus Christ.” I immediately felt better, and nearly cried.

I sat on the couch and shook for probably another half hour. It took me an age to work up the courage to go up to my room. I later took the art project outside and set it on the back deck, where whatever was attached to it would hopefully have a more difficult time bothering me. I Skyped with Sarah about the incident, and was able to debrief and understand some of how I had reacted.

I realized, during that Skype call, that the only part of the project that was really damaged was the part with the cross.


4 Responses to “So, Today, A THING Happened.”

  1. Victoria W. May 23, 2014 at 2:46 AM #

    Wow Brenna, I’m so sorry. That sounded so frightnening I was getting goosebumps. The Lord is always with you! GO BRENNA’S MOM AND JESUS! ❤

  2. Jessica May 23, 2014 at 9:18 AM #

    Wow! You totally just made me cry, which is completely weird because Jesus feels tend to not get to me like this. This is an amzing story, and even though you were scared, you reached for that Bible and prayed. Now that’s what I call good instinct, and I pray that you will continue to trust God and reach for the Bible before anything else.

  3. Sarah Spradlin May 23, 2014 at 10:20 AM #

    Well now I’m all wigged out again xD Gosh Brenna! I’m glad you’re okay 😉 God is good all the time!

  4. brookenicolenorris May 24, 2014 at 11:18 AM #

    I will continue to pray for you, Brenna.

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