If a Comm. Arts Major Makes a Blog, Does the Rest of the Interwebs Make a Sound?

30 May

I did a thing. For those of you who might be curious, this is where I will post all of the things that happen while I am at Georgia’s Governor’s Honors Program! There will be much shared insanity there and I am looking forward to meeting new authors and in-general awesome people while I’m there! Check it out.

That Time When Sarah Did a Thing Called GHP

And thus, on a day upon which I had planned to do many productive things, I found myself instead attempting to write my opening post for a blog that will eventually contain my ramblings, memories, and moments while at GHP, which of course won’t really do much until, well, GHP starts in 23 days, 0 hours, and 40 minutes. Now less than that because unless you were literally watching me type things (Yes, I am talking to you, Sir Federal Ninja, who is concerned about my mental well being. I am perfectly sane before you ask, and no I have never actually killed anyone. Those were just characters.)

Most of you here will likely be my GHP family. Hurray for GHP family! Some of you other people are here because you want to stalk my life a little while I’m gone. Others of you are here because you happened to…

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