Writing Is a Tough Career — Support One of Sarah’s Favorite Authors by Becoming a Patreon!

12 Oct

Mr. Batson has been an inspiration to Sarah since the beginning of her freshman year of high school (that’s like back in the stone-age, folks) and was one of the biggest influences on her early decisions to pursue writing Christian allegory. But now Mr. Batson is in need of our help!

Here’s what he has to say about becoming a Patreon:

Hi, this is Wayne Thomas Batson. I’m the author of The Door Within Trilogy, as well as, the other fantasy and adventure novels you see below:

In addition to being a writer, I’m an artist, a teacher, and above all else, a Christian.

Fifteen novels since 2005—all a huge blessing—and I hope my work has encouraged and entertained you. But now, I need your help.

You see, I have MORE story ideas waiting to be written. In fact, I have 30+ novel concepts ready and waiting to come to YOU, my readers. Here are just a few:

• Isle of Stars (3rd Pirate novel in the Isle of Swords Series)
• Isle of Blood (4th Pirate novel in the Isle of Swords Series)
• GHOST 2: Minister of Fire
• The Day Death Came to Town
• End of Forever
• A Christian’s Carol
• Genome
• Jack of all Trades
• Twist of Fate
• Wizard’s Gate
• Red Opening
• Ghostlight
• The Fateful Five
• Mirror of Souls (Book 3 of The Dark Sea Annals)
• The Wingborn (Book 4 of The Dark Sea Annals)
• Across the Dark Sea (Book 5 of The Dark Sea Annals)
• The Sevenfold Curse (Book 6 of The Dark Sea Annals)
• A Circle of Crowns (Book 7 of The Dark Sea Annals)
• The Price
• Bright Blue
• Mercury
• Wanderlust
• Catch Me

But the ONLY way I can bring you these new creations is with your support. I’m asking you to become a Patron of the Arts. Support me on Patreon.com with a pledge of any size to enable me to bring these stories to life. My goal is to become a full time author within five years, but without your support that will be impossible.

In return for your pledge, you’ll receive digital content, sneak previews, custom artwork, and of course…more of the kind of books you love.

In addition, if you make a pledge, you will be mentioned by name in the Acknowledgments Section of every book I write from here on out.

I’m calling on all Knights and Swordmaidens: please consider being my Patron of the Arts on Patreon.com.”

Please consider helping out one of Sarah’s biggest inspirations, Mr. Wayne Thomas Batson, keep following the King’s Way! Even if you can’t donate, check out some of his fantastic books. Some of Sarah’s favorites are The Bernifell PropheciesThe Door Within series, and GHOST!


3 Responses to “Writing Is a Tough Career — Support One of Sarah’s Favorite Authors by Becoming a Patreon!”

  1. Harry Olsen October 24, 2014 at 7:49 PM #

    Reblogged this on Koffee and Keyboards and commented:
    Wayne Thomas Batson all the way!

  2. Victoria W. January 31, 2015 at 7:43 PM #

    I saw some of his books the other day and they looked really really really good! I hope to buy them one day and read them. One day, I hope to have money to support authors like them 🙂

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