Pantsing Vs. Plotting – A Collection of Opinions on Planning or Not Planning Your Novel

13 Jan

We recently participated in a questionnaire about pantsing or planning! What are your thoughts?

Koffee and Keyboards

A little while ago I asked various professional and aspiring authors their opinions on writing by the seat of their pants versus plotting their novel. They commented on the post their thoughts and why they preferred that method. These are them. You may use them for whatever purpose you’d like, but hopefully their original reasoning will guide you in your choices when writing. Enjoy!

Wayne Thomas Batson

The Door Within Trilogy, GHOST, The Bernifell Prophecies, and Many More

I don’t think there’s a right answer to the question. Each approach can work and work well for different authors. I am a staunch Outliner, and I’m very detailed. It works for me. Without it, the writing process takes ten times as long. The misunderstanding of outlining is that some feel outlining takes away the spontaneity of the scene. That doesn’t need to be true at all. My outlining process is full of just…

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