awright siddown kiddos

17 Mar

‘cuz Aunty Brenna’s gonna tell ya a story.

So, today I was in Duluth for a concert band performance. It was okay. We didn’t do that great. That’s not the important part of what I am about to tell you. What I want to tell you about is my stress level.

stress graph

Please ignore the janky-ness of my little Paint Program graph except to note that my stress levels are soaring avidly toward infinity, due to the fact that I have been trying to avoid talking to this one person who thinks she is my friend and is definitely not someone I desire a relationship with right now; let’s call her Ex-friend. I have not long enough been praying to God bout help me avoid her please I can’t take it anymore. Hopefully this provides a little context. Now put me on a short bus (14 seats) with 13 other exceedingly rowdy teens. I am quiet by nature, and sick to death of high school vulgarity. I narrowly manage to avoid seat-sharing with previously mentioned Ex-friend. I was not amused. I was downright disturbed, and did my best to crawl inside my MP3 player. (Don’t knock it; it’s cheaper.)

And then I was about 3,000% waaaaay too strung out to function during our performance. And then we get a bad score, and I’m tired, and we go to the mall. This is okay. I get to go hide in the bookstore and touch all the Terry Pratchett books (RIP, sir) and then go to the Christian Fiction.

Ahh, Christian Fiction. Yaaaaay! Or that was what I thought. It was going to be my refuge. I picked up probably 1/3 of the books that were there. None of them drew me in. At this point in the tale, I am so unstable that I am sitting on the little restocking stool that some employee left, struggling not to cry because I just want some hope, something to read that will encourage me, is that too much to ask?

No. No it was not.

So, I leave the Christian Fiction section, sniffling irately because I just want a nice Jesus book to read and my soul is all dried up, and man, have I been struggling with discouragement. And then I glance down at what I think is the ‘Yay Easter’ table that’s set up. But it wasn’t. But there’s a book there that catches my eye because it is out of place.


Ooh, I think. Looks interesting. So I read the back like the good little nerd that I am, and step to the next table to put the book back where it belongs. I set it down, and get one step away before I am jolting to a stop like an idiot and picking it up, thinking, Nope no don’t put that down pick it up and buy it.

So I do. I buy the book. And then I feel as though I have accomplished everything necessary. It is an odd little feeling, but ALWAYS LISTEN TO THE ODD FEELINGS COINCIDENCES ARE NOT. Ahem. Anyway, after some mall crawling, I get back on the short bus (wheeee) and chill with my music jackhammering my eardrums. After a little while, I begin reading.

And it’s like,

an accurate drawing of me enjoying this book while crammed like a lil jelly roll into a bus seat

an accurate drawing of me enjoying this book while crammed like a lil jelly roll into a bus seat

What whoa what wait WHOA THIS BOOK IS AMAZING. I mean, I was nearly in tears several times because God spoke to me through this book, telling me things that I have struggled to answer for in recent weeks. I’m not even halfway through yet (I’m close), and I recommend that everyone ever read it. Jesus>Religion is convicting, thought-provoking, and deeply relatable. It is also on here is a link: ヽ(^o^)ノ

So, the moral of my long, rambly story is that God provides. He is willing to give us what we need. He saved me from seat-sharing with Ex-friend when I expressed to Him that I needed an escape. He showed me exactly which book I needed when I asked Him. God takes care of us, and praise to Him for it. And also that you should read this book.

The End.


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