No Coincidence

4 Oct

Life is so chaotic. It rarely teaches us anything by itself, and when it does, we’re often left with questions as to what it meant! Luckily, God is much clearer with His messages. I thought I would share something that happened this week…something I thought was far too strange to be a coincidence at first and then immediately knew it was God’s work.

Last Sunday I was walking in the neighborhood with a confidant, and for some reason we started talking about driving. The conversation drifted to how the animals and children of the neighborhood love to play in the streets, and when they see a car approaching, they do not get out of the way. In my case, they have actually run straight for the car! And these are not little kids; one person who did this was at least twelve, which I think is plenty old enough to know better. Anyway, “Sherlock” decided to develop a theory and plan of action: my confidant decided that next time he would drive toward the animals instead of trying to avoid them because he thought that was the only way to get them out of the road (by the way, I do not think he was going to employ this tactic against small children. I guess I should have asked…)

Whatever happened, he did not have the opportunity to test this theory on the kids (luckily for them).

The next day it was storming outside. If you live in Georgia, you know that it has been like living in Dublin, Ireland, for the past week! That morning was no different. As I was doing homework while looking out the window (a.k.a., becoming distracted from said homework by looking out the window), I suddenly remembered that this friend would be driving in the wet weather this morning on his way to college. Then, as soon as the thought hit, this crazily detailed vision of him swerving and wrecking appeared in my head. I’m usually a worrier, but I had never thought that particular thought. I remembered that my dad would also be traveling in the weather, so I prayed for them both.

Around five o’clock I went outside to walk. It was still misting. Well, “Sherlock” drove down the road in his car and tried to stop to talk to me, but there was someone else behind him. He drove on, and I continued walking. A few minutes later, he comes running down the hill, says hi, and tells me to walk with him for a moment. Then he starts the conversation with this interesting question, “So you remember how I told you my theory about driving towards the animals instead of avoiding them? Well, it doesn’t work. I hit a squirrel, literally a minute ago, and I want to go see if he’s still alive.” He went on to say that he was deeply sorry for hitting the squirrel, and how hitting an animal makes you feel both nauseous and giggly at the same time. Interesting, and true, observation.

As we approached, the squirrel did not rise back up. Upon further inspection, we learned that he was indeed dead. We both felt awful for the innocent creature, whose eyes were so peacefully closed and whose fur was missing in patches from the road rash. After staring at him for a moment, my friend said he felt bad to just leave him there, but he didn’t know of anything else to do. “And worst part,” he said, “is that someone actually saw me trying to hit the squirrel!” I laughed, remembering that there had been a car behind him as he had entered the neighborhood. I also noticed that the squirrel was literally in the middle of the road; there was no way he could have been hit by accident (if the driver *cough cough* had been staying in his lane!). We walked for a while, and my friend also told me that the morning class had been cancelled for the day because the professor “didn’t feel like it.” After walking for a little longer, he went to his house to eat take-out, provided he had the appetite after seeing his victim.

It was not until I was on the way home myself that I put all these events together and concluded that they were not coincidences. As I had feared, my confidant had swerved in the rain, but God had watched out for him. In fact, he had not even been driving in the early morning fog because of the cancelled class! While I felt very sorry for the poor squirrel, I suddenly was ecstatic that he had been the only casualty! I realized that in a moment’s time, the tables could have turned; the car could have collided with another car, or swerved off the road. It occurred to me that every second on earth is a matter of life or death. There really is no guaranteed tomorrow, which was definitely the lesson for the month in many ways (but that will have to be for a separate post). In the end, I praised God for shielding my friend. I felt extremely comforted to know that someone I cared for so dearly was being watched over by The One who has all the power in the world.

P.S. I asked my dad how his day of driving had been, and thankfully there had been no crazy squirrels or developing theories in action.


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