Merry Christmas From EEB!

24 Dec

13 days until Christmas…one week until Christmas…ONE DAY UNTIL CHRISTMAS!?! We’ve all been anticipating Christmas for the last 364 days, but somehow it seems to get here faster each year, which is ironic because I’ve been seeing Christmas commercials since Halloween! A couple of weeks ago a lady at my church suggested that the commercials may be the very reason Christmas seems to come earlier each year. She guesses that the premature advertising makes us immune to the fact that it is near. After all, when the TV starts talking about the holidays while pumpkins are still floating around everywhere, I’m usually thinking, “Let me enjoy fall! Christmas is a whole 6 weeks away!” But those six weeks disappear before I can say “We Wish You A Merry Christmas.”

As we enter the final flurry of holiday rush, trying to find the “perfect” gift for everyone on our list, I can almost hear God asking, “Have you accepted my gift?” No matter how long we shop or how hard we work, we can never top or even match the gift of Jesus! And above the loud chaos at the mall and the adrenaline rush of the season, God whispers at our souls with silent urgency. Do we have grateful hearts full of Jesus?

Taking all of this a step further, I see a similarity of the coming of Christmas to the Second Coming of Christ. However, there is one big difference in preparing for that day: no one has any idea when it will be. But what if it was tomorrow? We put so much effort into the coming of Christmas, the celebration of Jesus’ First Coming to earth. But what if we were getting ready for His Second Coming as vigorously as we prepare for Christmas? How much more might we accomplish if we thought of the world, and of our lives, as lasting only for a season instead of becoming “immune” to our temporal state? Once the holiday season is over, what if, instead of running around the mall trying to find gifts for everyone on our lists, we went after spreading the Gospel with the same catalyst of love and acknowledged shortage of time which comes with Christmas?

I will now leave you to ponder these things, and enjoy this Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I hope you take some time to sit and think about God’s humbling gift of Jesus and find peace in the fact that we cannot give or write or do anything in comparison with what He accomplished 2,015 years ago with Christ.

Merry Christmas from EEB! 🙂


One Response to “Merry Christmas From EEB!”

  1. Diane December 25, 2015 at 12:36 AM #

    So proud to call you my daughter! Great post! Merry Christmas!

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