No Knight Is Ordinary

26 Jul

Sarah’s driveway in rural GA

It is a night like any other.

If you are in Georgia, this means it is hot, humid and there might be a breeze blowing. If you are lucky, of course. Pollen isn’t as thick as it was in Spring, though it still has a firm grip on the air. The leaves are full and the forests are thick. But, it was on a night like any other that most remarkable things happen. Maybe not in Georgia. Okay, mostly not in the sweet ol’ southern state of Georgia. Remarkable things do happen though. Things like Lord of the Rings and Star Wars happen. People like C. S. Lewis, Donita K. Paul, and Wayne Thomas Batson are born.It also happens that a very small, insignificant thing called E. E. B. happened on a night like any other. No, the world doesn’t know about it. (not yet anyway. I’m working on nefarious plots… don’t tell Brooke!) In fact, almost no one knows about it… except for you. And one or two people on Figment.

Which probably means you want an explanation.

Well, you see, my life began…

I’m kidding! We’re not going back that far. Actually, the idea of “Elizabeth E. Brookes” formed when an 8 and 9 year-old decided they wanted to write books. For a living. At 8 and 9. Granted, you don’t need to make a living when you’re 8 or 9 (Thank you parents. Now. As in — right now. You’d be more than mostly dead without them.), but said 8 and 9 year-old were determined.

They sat outside in the little ol’ school house and wrote their first story The Kids at Crystal Cove together. In a few days. It was a magical book with only a paragraph to a page and size 18 font… the not-so-eight-and-nine-year-olds might possibly be ashamed of said work. Now. Then, it was a masterpiece.

We only stole ideas from about 20 books… among them Little House on the Prairie (FYI — I can never spell “prairie” right…)  and The Chronicles of Narnia. We don’t talk about that book much anymore save in hushed whispers so that no one else can hear. (You mustn’t tell anyone else I told you about it, okay? Brooke might strangle me.)

But that wasn’t the end.

Silly parents, writing isn’t a phase.

So, about a thousand 3 hour phone conversations, 20 outlines and 11+ manuscripts later… well, I’d say Elizabeth E. Brookes was pretty unified.

What is EEB?

Well, it’s me (the insane, mentally-unstable kid of the group). And Brooke. (Brooke’s the genius of the operations, by the way.) Brenna. And Christ.

Yeah, you read this whole post just to find out we’re Christian. Strongly Christian, actually. No! Don’t run away! Not until I’ve finished!

Yes, EEB is a “group” of three teenage (now high school aged) girls who love God more than anything else. Who are determined to become published. And who became what the little 8 and 9 year-old wanted them to be — authors. Although we have massively busy schedules and a number of insane endeavors, we have all continued to write.

A lot.

As in, psychological issues will develop when we don’t write. Exciting stuff, really.

It’s an interesting, not-so-average, adventure. With our characters talking our ears off, you can expect that sanity is not among our collective traits. But we do know that this is a passion. And as we continue to write, read, and love our Savior, Jesus Christ, we hope that you’ll learn to love it as well.

It’s a long road ahead of us. But it’s the King’s Road. And He does not lead His servants astray.


You are welcome to explore our blog and the King’s Road!


If you’re not sure where to go next, here are some great places to start!

  • Check out our About Page to find out more about who and what EEB is and stands for!
  • Each of us have what Sarah decided to call a “desk” where we keep you informed on what we’re doing. Desks are a place where you can ask us as individuals any questions you may have, and also a place where you can preview some of our latest work!
  • The Archives are a place where you can find all of our posts sorted into neat categories that have to do with the subject matter discusses. The archives also serve as a place where you can see the most recent posts and scan through them quickly.


We’re so glad you’re here and can’t wait to start getting to know you!

shaking hands with new characters

13 Apr

or: Getting Punched in the Metaphysical Face By Unanticipated Angst (And Why the Second Title Is Better)

So, I can’t claim to have written entire books like Brooke and Sarah, nor can I say that ‘I’m the best at what I do, and what I do’ is write. (I will draw something quick’n’scribbly for whoever gets that reference). I can say that I can write, and that the characters are easy.

I’m sorry, I’m currently laughing myself off my brain stem. That’s a huge pile of ‘no, say truthful things now’. Characters are weird. And crazy. They are so crazy. Like, you have this second (or whatever) person existing in your head and you don’t even really know who they are.

So you introduce yourself, shake his/her/whatever hand/paw/talon/whatever; that is to say, you kinda figure out how you think your character works. And then you, or I, start writing.

Now, I haven’t written seriously in far, far too long, but my most recent bout was roleplaying. Sarah can attest to this experience, as she was participating as well. Our characters were interacting. My character was supposed to be bubbly, generally happy, and immediately helpful to the situation.

That did not happen.

At all.

Here’s what happened:


That is my character, as you may have guessed. Flinz (my character) did not actually throw open doors and yell about “unresolved angst-ger,” but the effect was the same, and she left angry and Sarah’s character in something of a pickle.

What I’m trying to say is, it’s okay if your characters start one way and end up totally different. They will still be interesting, helpful to the story (probably, that’s up to you), and probably a reflection of some part of your thoughts. Sit down and write them in various situations, be it roleplaying or writing your book or simply silly little scenes that will never do anything besides sit on your harddrive and take up space. Shake their hands, and be prepared for a punch in the face and a reevaluation of that person and the situation.

awright siddown kiddos

17 Mar

‘cuz Aunty Brenna’s gonna tell ya a story.

So, today I was in Duluth for a concert band performance. It was okay. We didn’t do that great. That’s not the important part of what I am about to tell you. What I want to tell you about is my stress level.

stress graph

Please ignore the janky-ness of my little Paint Program graph except to note that my stress levels are soaring avidly toward infinity, due to the fact that I have been trying to avoid talking to this one person who thinks she is my friend and is definitely not someone I desire a relationship with right now; let’s call her Ex-friend. I have not long enough been praying to God bout help me avoid her please I can’t take it anymore. Hopefully this provides a little context. Now put me on a short bus (14 seats) with 13 other exceedingly rowdy teens. I am quiet by nature, and sick to death of high school vulgarity. I narrowly manage to avoid seat-sharing with previously mentioned Ex-friend. I was not amused. I was downright disturbed, and did my best to crawl inside my MP3 player. (Don’t knock it; it’s cheaper.)

And then I was about 3,000% waaaaay too strung out to function during our performance. And then we get a bad score, and I’m tired, and we go to the mall. This is okay. I get to go hide in the bookstore and touch all the Terry Pratchett books (RIP, sir) and then go to the Christian Fiction.

Ahh, Christian Fiction. Yaaaaay! Or that was what I thought. It was going to be my refuge. I picked up probably 1/3 of the books that were there. None of them drew me in. At this point in the tale, I am so unstable that I am sitting on the little restocking stool that some employee left, struggling not to cry because I just want some hope, something to read that will encourage me, is that too much to ask?

No. No it was not.

So, I leave the Christian Fiction section, sniffling irately because I just want a nice Jesus book to read and my soul is all dried up, and man, have I been struggling with discouragement. And then I glance down at what I think is the ‘Yay Easter’ table that’s set up. But it wasn’t. But there’s a book there that catches my eye because it is out of place.


Ooh, I think. Looks interesting. So I read the back like the good little nerd that I am, and step to the next table to put the book back where it belongs. I set it down, and get one step away before I am jolting to a stop like an idiot and picking it up, thinking, Nope no don’t put that down pick it up and buy it.

So I do. I buy the book. And then I feel as though I have accomplished everything necessary. It is an odd little feeling, but ALWAYS LISTEN TO THE ODD FEELINGS COINCIDENCES ARE NOT. Ahem. Anyway, after some mall crawling, I get back on the short bus (wheeee) and chill with my music jackhammering my eardrums. After a little while, I begin reading.

And it’s like,

an accurate drawing of me enjoying this book while crammed like a lil jelly roll into a bus seat

an accurate drawing of me enjoying this book while crammed like a lil jelly roll into a bus seat

What whoa what wait WHOA THIS BOOK IS AMAZING. I mean, I was nearly in tears several times because God spoke to me through this book, telling me things that I have struggled to answer for in recent weeks. I’m not even halfway through yet (I’m close), and I recommend that everyone ever read it. Jesus>Religion is convicting, thought-provoking, and deeply relatable. It is also on here is a link: ヽ(^o^)ノ

So, the moral of my long, rambly story is that God provides. He is willing to give us what we need. He saved me from seat-sharing with Ex-friend when I expressed to Him that I needed an escape. He showed me exactly which book I needed when I asked Him. God takes care of us, and praise to Him for it. And also that you should read this book.

The End.

Hey, look who actually made a tiny tiny post

20 Feb

photo So. Brennas also do art. I like art. Here is an art for you. Here is a picture of a sketch of an AU (translation for the unfamiliar: Alternate Universe) of the part of Kingsblade (Sarah’s masterwork) that is called Fear Not This Night (a.ka. FNTN). Maybe you know what I’m talking about. It’s debatable. Anyway, this was sort of requested by the FNTN crew. So: here it is. Everyone can enjoy this now, and also be very confused if you are unfamiliar.

Pantsing Vs. Plotting – A Collection of Opinions on Planning or Not Planning Your Novel

13 Jan Featured Image -- 908

Sarah Spradlin:

We recently participated in a questionnaire about pantsing or planning! What are your thoughts?

Originally posted on Koffee and Keyboards:

A little while ago I asked various professional and aspiring authors their opinions on writing by the seat of their pants versus plotting their novel. They commented on the post their thoughts and why they preferred that method. These are them. You may use them for whatever purpose you’d like, but hopefully their original reasoning will guide you in your choices when writing. Enjoy!

Wayne Thomas Batson

The Door Within Trilogy, GHOST, The Bernifell Prophecies, and Many More

I don’t think there’s a right answer to the question. Each approach can work and work well for different authors. I am a staunch Outliner, and I’m very detailed. It works for me. Without it, the writing process takes ten times as long. The misunderstanding of outlining is that some feel outlining takes away the spontaneity of the scene. That doesn’t need to be true at all. My outlining process is full of just…

View original 1,888 more words

A Long Overdue Greeting!

28 Dec

Hello, everyone! Sorry for the long absence. Life drove us to our wits’ end in the Fall…we haven’t been able to breathe for two months! However, this website is not extinct, just dormant. Like an old volcano. Actually that’s a pretty good analogy, since we are all about to burst with story ideas that keep getting pushed to the back-burner or plots that have refused to show their faces on the computer screen. So, no, we’re not dead. In fact, we want to tell you how busy we have been to reassure you all of our existence..

-Sarah went to nationals with her FFA team again!

-Brooke finished her first semester of dual-enrollment in college!

-Brenna has been busy with school…and has managed to disappear from the blog. We should probably put a tracker on her computer for future reference, just to make sure she hasn’t run to Canada or something. It’s so close, you know.

-Sarah got accepted into the college of her choice!

-We all busied ourselves with Christmas plans.

-In four days Brooke will learn the outcome of “Masquerades and Musketeers.” It is currently in a self-publishing contest, with the winners being announced on January 1st, 2015.

-Sarah is still plotting “Kingsblade.”

-Brooke is beginning to snap out of her writer’s block in order to finish “Revenge and Revolution.” A couple of inspirational, overdue trips to the library, and crazy dreams about the outcomes of her characters seem to have reset her imagination.

Feel free to add to the list, Sarah and Brenna!

So, my fellow bloggers, rest assured. We are still working hard on promised blog posts and stories. May the stars shine on our next meeting! May the hair on your hobbit toes grow ever longer! And we will see each other soon.

Writing Is a Tough Career — Support One of Sarah’s Favorite Authors by Becoming a Patreon!

12 Oct

Mr. Batson has been an inspiration to Sarah since the beginning of her freshman year of high school (that’s like back in the stone-age, folks) and was one of the biggest influences on her early decisions to pursue writing Christian allegory. But now Mr. Batson is in need of our help!

Here’s what he has to say about becoming a Patreon:

Hi, this is Wayne Thomas Batson. I’m the author of The Door Within Trilogy, as well as, the other fantasy and adventure novels you see below:

In addition to being a writer, I’m an artist, a teacher, and above all else, a Christian.

Fifteen novels since 2005—all a huge blessing—and I hope my work has encouraged and entertained you. But now, I need your help.

You see, I have MORE story ideas waiting to be written. In fact, I have 30+ novel concepts ready and waiting to come to YOU, my readers. Here are just a few:

• Isle of Stars (3rd Pirate novel in the Isle of Swords Series)
• Isle of Blood (4th Pirate novel in the Isle of Swords Series)
• GHOST 2: Minister of Fire
• The Day Death Came to Town
• End of Forever
• A Christian’s Carol
• Genome
• Jack of all Trades
• Twist of Fate
• Wizard’s Gate
• Red Opening
• Ghostlight
• The Fateful Five
• Mirror of Souls (Book 3 of The Dark Sea Annals)
• The Wingborn (Book 4 of The Dark Sea Annals)
• Across the Dark Sea (Book 5 of The Dark Sea Annals)
• The Sevenfold Curse (Book 6 of The Dark Sea Annals)
• A Circle of Crowns (Book 7 of The Dark Sea Annals)
• The Price
• Bright Blue
• Mercury
• Wanderlust
• Catch Me

But the ONLY way I can bring you these new creations is with your support. I’m asking you to become a Patron of the Arts. Support me on with a pledge of any size to enable me to bring these stories to life. My goal is to become a full time author within five years, but without your support that will be impossible.

In return for your pledge, you’ll receive digital content, sneak previews, custom artwork, and of course…more of the kind of books you love.

In addition, if you make a pledge, you will be mentioned by name in the Acknowledgments Section of every book I write from here on out.

I’m calling on all Knights and Swordmaidens: please consider being my Patron of the Arts on”

Please consider helping out one of Sarah’s biggest inspirations, Mr. Wayne Thomas Batson, keep following the King’s Way! Even if you can’t donate, check out some of his fantastic books. Some of Sarah’s favorites are The Bernifell PropheciesThe Door Within series, and GHOST!

To our Faithful Followers,

28 Sep

Time has slipped away from us! I think school has been dragging us instead of the clock lately. The past month has been spent in an almost constant panic mode for me ever since I started dual-enrolling classes and things have been at least as crazy for Sarah. Actually, I think we are about to come on a record. We have not talked to each other in almost a month! That hardly ever happens. We know that this absence on the blog is inexcusable, but we would like you to know that we are not dead (yet) and will continue posts when possible. I apologize especially for “Welcome Home,” but I have not abandoned the project. To be honest, I was working on the sequel for Masquerades and Musketeers for a while, but that also died out around the beginning of this month. I looked on my computer last night and found that I have not completed a single chapter since 9/3/2014! Needless to say, I am about to explode with words. Mason, Atrielle, M. Radcliffe, Caitlyn, as well as my stories from Cue 52, will not stay cooped up for long. I will get them out on digital paper soon.  And no, Sarah has not abandoned Kingsblade, however busy she may be. I am sure Lee is brandishing her sword, preparing for another battle.

We apologize sincerely for our lengthy break and hope to become more active again on EEB! Arr, if there was only a way to steal time, I would become a pirate, matey. :-)


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